Flip-flops for orphans

Some of you know that my family and I were caught up in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami when we were on holiday in Phuket, Thailand. We had an incredibly lucky escape – we were out on a boat trip far away from land when the tsunami actually happened, and although we spent some hours up a mountain, we were together and safe. When we eventually got back to our hotel, my parent’s beach front room was devastated. Had they been there, it is unlikely they would have survived. We were incredibly lucky.

Others were not. I’ve just been listening to two brothers on Radio 4 this morning who were orphaned by the same tsunami, whilst holidaying with their family in Sri Lanka. They were very young at the time, but have gone on to start their own super-successful business selling flip-flops and using the proceeds to support other orphans.

My family still feel very strongly about the tsunami and how lucky we were to survive. My sister went to Sri Lanka in 2005 to help support the orphans there who were much in need of love and cuddles. Whenever we hear on the news that an earthquake may precipitate a tsunami, a cold shiver goes through us.

That’s why I was so thrilled to hear about these boys who have made such a success after such a traumatic experience. Please check out their website www.gandysflipflops.com and support them, to help others like them.

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