Treatments and prices

Treatments and prices

Each massage is tailored to meet your needs on the day, ensuring you receive the maximum benefit, whichever treatment you choose. To find out more about what to expect from your visit, please click here.

Choose your treatment: 

I offer the following specific treatments if you have a specific aim or e.g. are pregnant. As all my treatments cost the same amount, we can also work together to find the areas of your body that need deeper work or more gentle work so your treatment is very much tailored to your personal needs on the day.

  • Nurturing and restorative massage 

My favourite type of massage that benefits everyone! This treatment is gentle yet effective, aiming to ease you into relaxation, soothe and smooth out tensions – physically, mentally and emotionally. My daughter describes one technique as ‘like a hundred hands’, easing out discomforts and stress, slowing you down. It is a relaxing massage, aiming to leave you feel relaxed, nourished, replenished and ready for whatever is next in your day. Each massage is tailored to your specific needs, so if you need to be re-energised to go back to work or want to feel sleepy, these can be achieved. This massage will not tackle every muscle knot but will leave you with an overall sense of feeling better, smoothed out, rested and nurtured.


My second favourite treatment for deep relaxation. A nourishing and warming treatment, enjoyable at any time of year but particularly good on colder and darker days for bringing warmth and relaxation deeply into your mind and body. Wonderful for soothing aches of any kind.

  • Pregnancy massage (suitable after your 12 week scan)

If you are exhausted by pregnancy, anxious, juggling too much or just want a treat, a pregnancy massage can help you to slow down into the rhythm of your new life and feel renewed. The treatment involves you lying on your side, bump supported with pillows, and sitting up with plenty of props and bolsters to keep you comfortable. Once, a full-term client went into labour two hours after her treatment!

  • Deep tissue massage

A treatment designed to treat deep knots and stress, be they from sitting too long at a desk, sport/fitness or too much gardening! All treatments and depth of massage are tailored to the needs of the individual but you can expect long soothing strokes to dissipate overall body tension, combined with pinpointed muscular work using hands, elbows and other massage tools. This is a treatment that clients sometimes describe as experiencing ‘good pain’ as knots can be worked into deeply and thoroughly.

Choose how long:

  • 30 minutes £35
  • 45 minutes £45
  • 60 minutes £55
  • 1hr 30 minutes £80 CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE DUE TO COVID-19

This is the length of your actual massage treatment, please allow a little extra time for getting changed.

Massage for children (age 10+) and teenagers – currently unavailable due to Covid-19

My own children have benefitted greatly from massages, both as a nice treat and also to help them sleep. I recommend checking how ticklish they are before booking and also a short initial treatment time. For all children under 16, a female adult relation must also be in the room throughout the treatment. All prices as above. Please contact Katie to discuss.

Nutrition consultations:

Coming soon!

Gift vouchers

The gift of relaxation! Perfect for Christmas, thank you, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and many other special occasions. Please contact Katie to discuss your needs and a voucher will be prepared.

Cancellation policy

Should you need to cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, no charge will be made if you re-book at the time of cancellation. If you’re not able to re-book and cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the full treatment fee will be charged.