Your visit

Your visit

I am passionate about excellence in my treatments and believe that there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ massage. Each massage is tailored to achieve the specific needs of each client on the day. If you’re unsure of which massage might suit you best, please get in touch and I will be happy to advise you.

My approach is to treat the whole person, not individual symptoms, so you can look forward to leaving your treatment feeling nurtured and relaxed.

Due to Covid-19 and my insurance requirements, I am afraid my approach has had to change slightly. Once you’ve booked your massage, I will send you a health consultation to complete and return to me by email, so I can plan your treatment before you arrive. Normally all of this would be done in person and I enjoy getting to know clients and hope to have a long lasting professional relationship with you. If you have any questions about the benefits of massage for any particular health or wellbeing issue, please don’t hesitate to ask  – I will be delighted to discuss with you, in complete confidence, how massage may be beneficial to you.

Massages take place in my peaceful, warm, dedicated treatment room in my home in Headington, Oxford. Parking is available on my street.

On arrival, we’ll confirm to each other that we have no Covid-19 symptoms and quickly agree the treatment plan and your needs on the day – perhaps you want to de-stress, relax, sleep better or feel re-invigorated? 

I will then leave the room to enable you to get undressed in private. As you will be covered up during the massage, except for the area I am working on, you can rest assured that your modesty will be preserved at all times. If you’re uncomfortable at any time, too hot or cold or the pressure is too much, or not enough, just let me know. I will check these things with you during the treatment too.

Most people get the most benefit from their massage if they relax and drift off. However, feel free to chat if you wish. The lighting will be low, gentle music will be played and the room will be scented with aromatherapy oils to help you to really relax into your treatment.

After your massage has finished, I will again leave the room to enable you to get dressed in private. Before you leave we’ll discuss your aftercare advice and any stretching exercises that may benefit you.

Payment is in cash or online (within 24 hours) following your treatment please.

If you’re going to be late, please call to let me know. Unfortunately in most cases this will mean your massage time will need to be adjusted.

Please remember to put your mobile phone on silent before you arrive.