About Katie

About Katie (BSc, MSc, ITEC)

I’m not a typical massage therapist! In fact, I have had a rather varied career with a degree in marine biology which I adored, then a career in environmental PR and marketing. By my late 20s I was looking for a balm to my busy career and observing increasing amounts of stress, anxiety and burn-out in women across my social and business circles. Not wanting to follow that path in my future, and having always been interested in health and wellbeing and helping people,  I under took a brief evening course in massage and fell in love with it. I then spent nearly two years of weekends and evenings re-training with the Oxford School of Massage and decided on qualifying to follow my passion and set up a massage business focussing on women’s wellbeing. 

I have attended further training courses in massage over the years and also hold a Masters in nutrition from Oxford Brookes university.  I am passionate about eating well throughout life, particularly for women and girls.

Yoga nidra has been transformational in my own life in terms of how I deal with stress and approach rest – be this a 5 minute re-set before the school run, a 20 minute session in the middle of the day or as part of my evening routine. Trained by James Reeves and the Ekhart Academy, I am thrilled to have completed my yoga nidra training. Deep rest is something we rarely allow ourselves these days but we all desperately need.

It is with real, heartfelt joy that I create nurturing and nourishing experiences for women looking to deeply relax and replenish their energy and provide the opportunity and environment to focus on their own self-care. Well rested women can change the world!

My home is shared my husband, two children, two cats and two hens. In my spare time I love to be outdoors – walking, running, swimming, paddle boarding. Yoga and yoga nidra also play essential roles in my life. 

To find out more, please search for me on Instagram/Facebook: Katie Wheater Wellbeing