About Katie

About Katie (BSc, MSc, ITEC)

I’m not a typical massage therapist! In fact, I have had a rather varied career in marine biology, recycling, PR, agriculture and climate change before re-training in 2010 with the Oxford School of Massage. At this point, I was looking for a balm for my busy career and was observing increasing amounts of stress and burn-out in women across my social and business circles. Having always been interested in holistic – that is whole person – wellbeing, I decided on qualifying to follow my passion and set up a massage business focussing on women’s wellbeing.  Massage benefits our bodies by easing out tensions, but it also does wonders for our mental health too.

In addition to massage, I have a Masters in nutrition from Oxford Brookes university. I offer one to one nutrition consultations, creating a plan for your diet and lifestyle, to support your optimal wellbeing. I am passionate about eating well throughout life, particularly for women and girls.

I love to create nurturing and nourishing experiences for women looking to deeply relax and replenish their energy and provide the opportunity and environment to focus on their own self-care.

I live in Headington with my husband, two children, two cats and three hens. In my spare time I love to wild run, wild swim and paddle board with my local adventure buddy. Occasionally there is more chat than running but this is usually of equal benefit to our mental rather than physical health! Yoga and yoga nidra also play essential roles in my life.

Every now and again I also send out email updates, if you’d like to receive these, please email me: katie@katiewheaterwellbeing.co.uk.

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