Sad news

I’m sorry to report that our little black cat, Keema (which means ‘monkey’ in Swahili), was run over a couple of weeks ago. We’re very sad. He was a friendly little thing who used to sit on the fence to welcome clients and sometimes greet you at the gate. Unfortunately he went missing for a week over Christmas and we found out a week or so ago that he had been run over. Poor little thing. Here’s a picture of him ‘helping’/distracting me from revising for my MSc nutrition exams a few days before Christmas.

So, at some point, we will be looking for two little kittens to keep me company and to act as your welcome party! Do let me know if you have any kittens in need of a good home!

PS – Just to reassure you, pets are never allowed in my treatment room or near my towels/blankets for those of you allergic to cats!

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