Welcome to my website. I’m returning to massage following six years off raising two lovely, energetic children who are now both at school. The last year has really been a wake up call to so many of us as to how much we value, and miss, physical contact. Like many of you, I haven’t hugged my parents since February 2020. Some days, this new Covid-19 world feels as though it will go on forever and we forget how much we need and value physically connecting with each other. Some days it doesn’t seem so odd to not hug our friends, some days we feel it as physical ache from the lack of touch from our loved ones hands. A simple touch can convey so much love and understanding. I’m here to help you with that, to relax you and help you to release stress that has been building physically or emotionally. 

It has been a while since I last was working but I can assure you that I have had willing guinea pigs in the form of my husband and two children to practice on throughout the lockdowns this year. They have all benefitted from my practice in terms of improved sleep, feeling calmer and reconnected.

I want to thank my dear friends for encouraging me to re-start my business and I’m looking forward to helping us all to feel better, nurtured and more recognised for our true selves: taking a mini break from the stresses of everyday life.