Kick start your resolutions with a massage

Happy new year! I hope your first days back at work go smoothly and you’re wrapped up warmly against the recent drop in temperature. It always feels tough in the first few days back to work to get going at full speed again. Perhaps you are feeling full of energy and ready for the new year? Or you may be feeling a little frazzled, tired and drained after a busy couple of weeks entertaining and hosting. Massage can be a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself again – a little ‘me’ time after the busy-ness of Christmas. I’m running a special offer to help you get back into the swing of the new year: book a treatment for January and receive 10% discount in February – get in touch to book your treatment!

Massage can be very helpful in detoxing the system from both the lovely indulgences of food and wine over the holiday period, and to help kick-start any new fitness or diet regimes. I’m currently studying for an MSc in nutrition so you can expect to see lots of healthy recipes and top nutrition tips in my blog – check out the previous ¬†postings for healthy recipes.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to make the most of everyday. Often we find ourselves worrying about the minutiae of something in the past, or something yet to happen in the future. My resolution is to live more in the present day and to look out for and savour, the small wonders – a stranger’s smile, new buds poking through the soil, the birdsong that often wakes me up in the morning! What are your new year resolutions?